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VIST 470- Assignment 7 - Volume Shader

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a volume shader.

*** Disclaimer Wix doesn't support txt file documents so I had to upload the files as pdf's ***

My first angle of my scene

Second angle of my scene


In the scene file I create cones, rings, and planes as my geometry. I created a box like geometry to shot off the smoke because if there was no geometry behind it because the shader detects that it doesn't need to display the smoke in that section. I also used the ring light shader that we had created in a previous assignment to help add interesting lighting to the scene.


The shader file( is the shader file provided to us on ecampus. It was originally written by Larry Gritz. This file served as my base file to create the smoke shader. Though I had tons of problems trying to get the smoke shader running. One major problem that I eventually solved was that we were missing the header files needed to correctly run the sl file. Someone in the class eventually found Larry's personal website ( where he had his files for download. I ended up not being able to change anything within this smoke shader. Many of the values I tried changing didn't end up having an effect on the rendered image. I couldn't figure out a way to add turbulence or other types of noise to this smoke.

Below are the files I used during this assignment

Header Files

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