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VIST 470 - Assignment 6

This week we were tasked with creating procedural textures and displacements. We needed to use different forms of noise, turbulence, etc to create these procedurally generated textures.

Weebly does not support uploading a .txt file. I have attached pdfs like before with the code in them, and have also posted all the code directly in this blog post at the bottom of the post.

(I used this noise file provided for us to create an interesting backdrop for the procedural shaders)

Displacement Shader

For this displacement shader I borrowed some code from to help create a base for it. I then edited values and parameters to create the image that is shown below. I then changed the amplituded, frequency, and layers of the displacement to create a more interesting shape.

Procedural Texture

For this procedural texture I reference the Advanced Renderman textbook to get a bearing on where I Needed to start with the code. I then began tinkering with the code to create interesting results. This process was a lot of changing a few values then checking to see what the output was. I did realize that the frequency and amplitude have the most effect on the overall look of the texture.

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