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VIST 470 - Shadow and Reflections Shaders

For this assignment we were tasked with using environment maps, and shadow maps to create a compelling image. I first began looking over code from the book to get a barring on how shadow, and environment maps work within the scene .

For this scene I tried to use object that I have not used that much to create a interesting floating tower. I used two materials for this project one being the plastic shader, and the other being the shinymetal shader that was provide for us. This is what gives us the weird reflections on the toruses as well as the spheres.

Shadow Map

These files were used to create the shadows within my scene. By using a shadow spot light it helps to determine, and calculate the placements of shadows within the scene. To render this scene out I had to turn off the shinymetal shader, becuase it would give me errors when I tried running it.

Environment Map

These files were used to generate the environment map, and run that within the main scene. On this image I commented out the shadow code so that we could see just the environment map. The environment map is a square environment which is created using six images and piecing them together. This is projected onto the metallic/shiny shaders which creates the reflected images that you see on the surface.

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