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VIST 470 - Ambient Occlusion

In this assignment we were tasked with using ambient occlusion as our main light source in our scene. I started with looking at the ambient occlusion chapter that was linked in the assignment folder. I used the code that was on this link to build my ambient occlusion shader. Though as I was building the same shader that was provided in the chapter a error kept popping up saying "cannot find shadingnormal" I ended up having to find the shading normal in some of the 3delight header files. I then copied the shadingnormal function and posted it in the occlusion shader to not have to create an extra file. This seemed to solve the problem, and I moved on to creating my rib scene file. For my scene file I just messed around with objects till I found an interesting design. I also decided to use raytracing in my scene again to add some more interesting effects to my image which caused me to add another light to the scene. I used the shinymetal shader from previous assignments to the background walls to make it reflective.

First View and full render at 256 samples

First View and just ambient occlusion at 256 samples

Second View and full render at 256 samples

Second View and just ambient occlusion at 256 samples

I also had all my renders from start to finish in the same view port so I made a quick little gif of all my renders so you can see a start to finish

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