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VIST 470 - Organic Object Recreation

The assignment was to pick a organic object, and take photos of it. Once we had taken photos we were tasked with recreating this image in 3D as close as possible to the original picture. The time frame for this project was a week from start to finish.

Reference Image:

Digital Recreation:

Steps to creation:

When creating the blackberries I went for creating them in the simplest way I could since our time table was short. I started the model with a box and adjusted the top and bottom face to create a shape that was similar in appearance to the blackberry.

I then moved on to smoothing the box, and creating two divisions.

Then I grabbed all the faces and extruded them. I made sure to turn off the "Keep Faces Together" option in the extrude options.

Then I began just editing some of the faces individually to give it a less uniform look. I then duplicated the same model and made some variations for the other two blackberries. I also modeled a quick bowl as a background prop. I began set dressing these props, and figuring out the proper angle for the camera. I also imported reference image to help establish the shot, and to use as reference for lighting and shading later.

Next I added a Renderman light to the scene as the only light source. This mimicked the actually set up I used when shooting the photo.

I chose to use Renderman as my rendering software package for this project. I created two textures for this scene, the bowl used a "PxrLMPlastic" shader that I adjusted to match the original bowl, and for the blackberries I used a "PxrLMSubsurface" shader which I also adjusted.

PxrLMSubsurface Shader

PxrLMPlastic Shader

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