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VIST-470 - Assignment 10 - Photon Mapping

When trying to test the code from the Advanced Renderman book that was provided on ecampus 3delight kept crashing on me when I tried to run the RIB file. It gives me know errors that I could try and figure out how to solve. I checked with other people in the class also and nobody else seemed to be able to get the caustics to work / run without crashing 3delight. Since I couldn't create the caustics I decided not to go further into building my RIB file since to meet the requirements of the assignment I need to be able to see caustics.

Here is a picture of the error that the terminal gave me when trying to run the RIB file

I have also attached the RIB file that I ran that gave me this error. It also seemed that PC and MAC users had slightly different errors. Where Mac's had another error on top of what the PC's error was.

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